Life Sciences Bill

Introduces and continues tax credits for bio-tech companies to operate in the state. Incentivizes economic development in the private sector and encourages talented individuals educated in Mass to remain employed in the state.

Municipal Police Training

Adds a $2.00 surcharge to rental car contracts to be used exclusively for municipal police training. The $2.00 would be added only to each contract regardless of the length of time of the contract

Senate Passes Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Senate voted on a $41.49 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2019, including targeted investments to create opportunities and ensure access to the tools that individuals, children and families need to succeed in the economy and in their communities. The budget invests in key areas related to education, local aid, health and human services, housing and tools for low income families, while limiting the use of one-time revenue sources and directing $88.5M to the state’s Stabilization Fund.

Plymouth County Children's Advocacy Center (Bipartisan effort)

That $175,000 be expended for the Plymouth County Children’s Advocacy Center" for child victims of sexual abuse and assault”

Champion Plan (Bipartisan effort fighting drug abuse)

that not less than $50,000 shall be expended for the Champion Plan, Inc. in the city of Brockton”.

Central Plymouth County Water District Advisory Committee (Bipartisan effort)

That not less than $170,000 shall be expended for the Central Plymouth County Water District Advisory Committee to develop a comprehensive water quality and quantity monitoring program for the improvement and management of lakes and ponds in the Central Plymouth County Water District”

The funding of is to be used to mitigate the adverse environmental impact to the water supplies of the City of Brockton, the Town of Whitman and the Town of Hanson and to the public health hazards of cyanobacteria to the inhabitants of The Central Plymouth County Water District.

Testing and Treatment of Cyanobacteria in Monposett Pond

That not less than $125,000 shall be expended for the testing and treatment of cyanobacteria and related contaminants in Monponsett Pond in the town of Halifaxā€¯

Tax abatement for seniors, disabled and active military personnel

Passed Property Tax Abatement that works to expand local options to help low income seniors, military personnel, and the disabled. This bill allows a city or town to expand the existing property tax deferral for senior citizens and for active military personnel.

Passed into law a new women's commission

“An Act establishing three new commissions on the status of women and girls” This bill worked to create a commission that aids women and girls throughout Plymouth county, there are other commissions spanning Massachusetts but this was the last area that was in need of coverage.

Short Term Rentals

The bill expands the scope of the state’s room occupancy excise tax and local option excise tax to include short-term transient accommodations.

The legislation would generate an estimated $34.5 million and $25.5 million in state and local revenues, respectively, based on the most recent Senate Ways and Means Fiscal Impact Report. The expanded tax base will automatically apply to all 175-plus cities and towns that have already adopted the local room occupancy excise to date.

The bill contains consumer protection measures requiring hosting platforms to maintain liability insurance, and strengthens data collection and sharing for cities and towns.

Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform

The Massachusetts Legislature passed landmark criminal justice reform legislation today. An Act relative to criminal justice reform will lead to a more equitable system by supporting our youngest and most vulnerable residents, reducing recidivism, increasing judicial discretion, and enhancing public safety.

The legislation contains provisions to provide better care for vulnerable populations in the criminal justice system, and implements policies to strengthen protections for public safety and witness protection. The Legislature also passed the accompanying Act implementing the joint recommendations of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Review (H.4012), which is designed to complement the comprehensive criminal justice reform legislation. The CSG bill allows individuals to earn early release by participating in recidivism-reduction programs.

Housing Bond Bill

“An Act financing the production and preservation of housing for low and moderate income residents” (Housing Bond Bill). The bill is a result of a session long collaboration between the Senate and House with a focus on preserving and producing the state’s affordable housing stock.

Civics Education Curriculum

The legislation enacts a hands-on and experiential approach to fostering civic engagement. The bill incorporates project-based learning components, encourages the instruction of civic competencies – including news and media literacy – and provides extracurricular civic-participation opportunities.

The curriculum is made possible by the Civics Project Trust Fund, which will provide funding for professional development and for the further development of curriculum frameworks.

2010 + 2014 Valor Act 1-2 and 2016 Home Act

Massachusetts is ranked #1 among states for the breadth of benefits and services offered to veteran’s and military families.

· Employment
· Education
· Housing
· Tax Benefits
· Access to Justice
· Recognition
· Gold Star Families
· Civil Service
· Veteran’s Service Officers
· Administration

The Valor act provides health care professions licensure for active military, veterans, and military spouses

If you are an active military personnel, veteran, or military spouse, you may qualify for certain health professions licensure benefits under the VALOR Act.

Added Veteran owned businesses to the Supplier Diversity Office

Required the Board of Higher Education to create policy that would grant veterans credit for academic work from a public higher education institute prior or after military deployment

Required public higher education institutes to give student veterans a single point of contact at the said institute

Adopted Interstate compact on Education policy opportunity for Military Children, a policy which gave military children the ability to transfer between school districts within the state and with participating states with ease. Also gave military children additional support.

Eliminates tax cap for spouses of killed servicemen due to injury or poisoning in combat zone.
Commissioner of the Department of Veteran Services must in fact be a Veteran

Established a volunteer program that would allow veterans to decrease tax bills by volunteering with a municipal group.

Requires the registry of motor vehicles to provide license plates with the veterans respective military branch insignia.

All licenses issued to veterans from the Department of Public Safety and the Division of Professional Licensure have a 90 day grace period for renewal after veterans arrive from deployment. Education, training and service completed by Veterans during service are directed to satisfy licensing and licensing renewal needs. License issuance time to a relocated veteran duty to military transfer is expedited.

A probation officer are required to check if a defendant has served or is serving in any branch of the military prior to arraignment. A 14 day extension is available to those with no prior convictions.

Court Administrator to study court training program which enhance court personal ability to identify and tackle veteran issues and determining correct action. Court Administrator also to study parenting and custody issues faced by active duty parents.

EOHHS to study fiscal impacts of housing designations of official state soldiers.

A special commission established to better advise and direct training, certification, professional licensure, and accreditation of Veterans’ benefits and services officers

East Bridgewater Waste Treatment Plan

Advanced legislation establishing a commission to oversee an East Bridgewater waste treatment system to spur economic development in the downtown area of the town.


Joined with House Colleagues to provide the necessary funding to update various playground throughout the district including the Huntington playground, Ashfield playground and the James Edgar playground.

Opioid legislation/Champion Plan

The Champion Plan is a police assisted recovery program in Brockton that launched on February 29, 2016. Champion Plan provides opportunity for families throughout the community a chance at recovery. To learn more, click on the link below to see what Mayor Bill Carpenter and our colleagues have to say about this great program.


Bill creates a new licensing process for student loan servicers in the Division of Banks and empowers state officials to investigate and fine loan servicers

An Act Modernizing the Foundation Budget for the 21st Century

The bill would implement the recommendations of the bipartisan Foundation Budget Review Commission (FBRC) which found that the foundation budget formula is drastically underestimating education costs. This has forced deep cuts to classrooms and critical programs, and one of the worst achievement gaps in the nation.

Health Care and Retirement for Adjunct Faculty

Provide for healthcare and retirement for adjunct faculty, it is difficult to keep and maintain adjunct faculty who provide a invaluable role to colleges and universities but they do no receive the retirement benefits they have rightly earned. This legislation allows for adjunct faculty to receive the health care and retirement benefits they deserve, ensuring that colleges and universities can better staff their institutions.

Annual supporter for Shannon Grant Funding

Provided funds to support the Shannon Grant in an effort to reduce youth and gang violence across the Commonwealth. The Shannon CSI is a multi-sectored approach to address community gang and youth violence problems using five strategy areas:Social intervention; Suppression; Opportunity provision; Organizational change; and Community mobilization.

An Act providing for capital facility repairs and improvements for the Commonwealth. May 2018

that $23,200,000 shall be expended for the study for redevelopment of underutilized and unused sites, including 226 Main street in the city of Brockton

that $9,000,000 shall be for the expansion of and renovations to the existing science and liberal arts buildings at Massasoit Community College in the city of Brockton

that $45,000,000 shall be expended for the modernization of Brockton superior court to address envelope, life safety, holding and security, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and cross circulation

that $2,000,000 shall be expended for the expansion of the council on aging in the city of Brockton

that $1,000,000 shall be expended for expansion, handicapped accessibility and building code improvements for the council on aging in the town of Halifax

FY 2018 Budget

that not less than $50,000 shall be expended for the expansion of the council on aging building in the city of Brockton;

Thomas P. Kennedy Main Branch Library
$50,000 for dedication and maintenance of the library

Brockton Council on Aging Building Expansion
$50,000 in funding to build onto the Brockton COA

Crosby Central Administration Building
$100,000 to repair and maintain the Crosby Central Administration Building in the City of Brockton